NE40E-X Router

The training project of this path is mainly for users of NE40E-X series products, including NE40E-X3A, NE40E-X8A and NE40E-X16A.

Main contents

  • product plan and design
  • hardware and software architecture
  • networking
  • basic configuration
  • maintenance
  • feature configuration
  • troubleshooting

Selecting projects based on training objects

System Administrator / IT Architect / Technical Manager are proposed to learn the Operation and Maintenance/ Plan and Design/ Advanced technical training project respectively.

1.1. NE40E-X Router Installation and Initial Commissioning Training

1.2. NE40E-X Router Essential Operation and Maintenance Training

1.3. NE40E-X Router Advanced Operation and Commissioning Training

1.4. NE Router Troubleshooting Training and Case Study

1.5. Enterprise Backbone Network MPLS VPN Design Training

1.6. Enterprise Backbone Network Optimization MPLS TE Training

1.7. Enterprise IP Multicast Technology Training

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