Comfortable environment leads to better results

Meet us at Huatech

No matter which of our training courses you choose, it is never going to be just a two-hour session. That’s why we did our best to create a pleasant environment that makes you feel comfortable during the whole training course.

A spacious sitting room with French windows, a barbecue on the patio, and outdoor seating. Great coffee and cakes, from the best bakery in Holešovice… but who cares about the view, when you get your hands on the latest routers and switches?

Our DEMO will grab your attention immediately!

Technologies and equipment

Our training is as practical as possible. This means you will not just watch slide show all the time. The Huawei Enterprise technology we talk about will be a live show! You will see, for example:

  • Switches of the Sx7 series
  • CloudEngine x800 Series Datacenter Switches
  • Storage OceanStor V3
  • FusionServer V3 servers
  • WiFi solutions
  • ARG3 Routers
  • Firewalls Series USG6300
  • ESight monitoring system
  • U2000 Surveillance System
  • Videoconference TEx0

Long way to Prague?

A parking space will be available for you throughout your training course, so you don’t need to worry about the blue zones in Holešovice.

We will boost your energy level during the training course by providing healthy snacks and an unlimited supply of coffee.

If you want to stay overnight in Prague, but don’t know where, let us know. We are happy to recommend suitable accommodation near the training centre.

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Altepro training center

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